One of my favorite fantasies is casual teasing. Watching a movie with my hand down your panties, completely ignoring you as you become a wet whimpering mess. I’d pretend not to hear you panting or feel you squirming against me. What a wreck, getting hot an bothered while I sit composed and unaffected. And then just as randomly as I started, I’d leave you bereft and wanting. 


You’re such a pretty little thing sweetheart. Daddy loves coming home to his babygirl all ready for him – always smiling, dressed to please and wet. You’re such a wonderful little doll who knows her place, and it’s so refreshing after Daddy’s had to deal with frumpy bossy feminists all day at work. There’s nothing better than opening the door to my beautiful little girl on her knees with her tits out, chest heaving with arousal from edging so diligently all day. Daddy loves you so much, sweetheart.


“Day 9 of my training.

It’s been 2 hours 43 minutes since he left. He said I had to sit there, with the toy, watching my favorite porn again and again and again. He said I could close my eyes or cover my ears but no matter what I wasn’t allowed to move the toy. Most importantly, no matter how desperate I get…I’m not allowed to cum until he gives permission.”


“Daddy has a rule, if he says the magic word I have to immediately stop what I’m doing and masturbate for him. He says it’s to prove my love for him. Sometimes he makes me do it in public. We’ll go shopping and he’ll make me edge. Every other store we go in he’ll make me rub my horny little hole, but he won’t let me cum. Daddy says I look the hottest when we’re walking back to the car with my face flushed and legs shaking, just dying for Daddy to let me cum for him.”


I touch her quietly. I whisper in her ear sweet words while I stroke my cock to her tight little sexy body. I can’t help getting on top of her and licking her little mouth tasting the sweetness of her lips as I pull her panties to the side. Yes baby it’s just a bad dream I’ll growl in her ear when she starts to move, not able to wake up because ig the pills I slipped her. Fuck… so tight baby girl.. my little princess.. take daddy’s seed.